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Updates from Natural Estates

Posted: Monday 13th March 2017 by Community

Bi-weekly updates from Natural Estates

Hello again, 

The last few weeks have again been busy for the team, with all sessions carrying out a range of activities. Both All Saints' Academy and Tewksbury School have finished off their bird nest boxes and have put them up around their grounds. All Saints' Academy, alongside Barnwood Park Arts College, have made self-watering flower pots, which have been planted up with creeping thyme and stonecrop that will be ideal food sources for bees and other pollinators. Barnwood Park Arts College have also been busy preparing flower beds, which were subsequently planted with nasturtiums, sweet peas and Californian poppies.

We have also recently taken on another group of pupils at Beaufort Academy, who helped put up a small greenhouse on the site, complete with seed trays of Antirrhinum (snapdragon). Once established, these will be transported outside and come summer time should have hungry bees popping in and out of them, much like this carder bee we photographed on one last year!

Jo Worthy-Jones

Furthermore, this group helped to dig up a number of plants that were growing in the old garden at the school, which is due to be built on in the coming weeks. A number of these will be transferred over to the new designated garden area, including some well-established iris and lungwort plants. Further transferring of plants is due to take place over the coming weeks.

The participants over at the Redwell Centre in Gloucester have made significant progress on the willow dead hedge, whilst our Lynworth Court sessions have seen the building of a new raised bed that will be planted up in the coming weeks. 


Thats all for now, but keep an eye out for the next update.



The Natural Estates Team - Jo, Duncan and Ben 

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