Discover one of our new nature reserves

The transfer of the five County Council Countryside sites, Crickley Hill Country Park, Barrow Wake, Coopers Hill, Coaley Peak Picnic Site and Kilkenny Picnic Site, is near completion and will increase the land that GWT owns by a third.

“The sites are important for wildlife conservation and are also great places to engage with the general public to share our wildlife messages,” said GWT CEO Roger Mortlock.

Planning is currently taking place for the transfer of these sites in April, starting with a public consultation to determine what visitors would like to see at the sites. At Crickley Hill Country Park, potential plans include upgrading the visitor centre for school visits and providing a small kiosk/café for visitors.

The site will continue to be managed by the existing team in partnership with the National Trust.

“These sites will give us so much more opportunity to meet the hundreds of thousands of people that visit them,” said Roger. “We really want to hear from our members about how we can enhance their experience.”

Discover the new sites for yourself with this year’s Walk for Wildlife which will take place at Crickley Hill Country Park on 2nd July.