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Day 9: Get Crafty

Posted: Saturday 2nd January 2016 by Community

(c) wildstock

Encourage wildlife into your garden by making a bug hotel or hedgehog home.

Download our free bug hotel or hedgehog home guide and follow the steps to create your own. You’ll need some tools and timber, and a bit of elbow grease for the sawing and nailing!

Bug hotels are simple to make but provide homes for often overlooked creatures. Bugs are a vital part of the food chain and making a home for them will support a variety of wildlife in your garden.

You can be creative about your design but the hotel is essentially lots of compartments – try filling a stack of wooden crates with a mixture of cones, hollow sticks, holey bricks, and you could even drill some holes in larger logs. Alternatively, build your own bespoke creation!

Or how about a hedgehog home, ready for the spring!



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