Tuesday 15th September 2015

On Wednesday, 16th September 2015 at 1.30pm, Roman Cooper, CEO of local security firm Allcooper will be ‘arrested’ at Robinswood Hill Country Park by Sgt Simon Clemett of Gloucestershire Constabulary as part of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust’s Jail and Bail fundraising event.


Roman’s challenge is to raise a £1,000 in bail to be released by the end of the day and he’s made a great start, with friends and family having already raised £730, but he needs your help to raise more!

we are proud to protect homes and businesses

Roman’s usual working day will take a strange turn when instead of advising people about security and fire safety, he will find himself locked up! Roman said: “At Allcooper, we are proud to protect homes and businesses in Gloucestershire with our alarms and security systems, and by working with local charity, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, it has meant we’ve been able to help protect our county’s wildlife and habitats too. I’m extremely grateful to everyone who has donated to my bail fund so far - even those who want me to stay locked up for as long as possible! I’m delighted that the money raised is going to such a great cause.”


“We are delighted to lend a hand to support this fundraising event.” Said Sgt Simon Clemett, who is one of the Constabulary’s Rural and Environmental Crime Liaison Officers and will be arresting Roman on the day. “The Trust runs a project called Brighter Futures that targets young offenders and those out of work by giving them skills in conservation so they can confidently re-enter the workforce.”


Please help Roman raise his bail money by donating via his Just Giving page thank you.