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  1. I've just purchased a permit, what happens next?

  2. How do I change my details?

  3. Renewing my permit

  4. Can I have more than one permit?

  5. I have a problem/question not covered here

  6. Bookings for school groups

1. I've just purchased a permit, what happens next?

You should get an email to the email address you provided with your parking permit details inside. Please check spam/junk boxes if it doesn't turn up within a few hours, before contatcting us.

All you have to do is print out the permit section of the email provided and display it in your windscreen when you park at Crickley Hill (If you don't have a printer, then don't worry, just follow the instructions provided in the email).

You will recieve a reminder email around your chosen start date, as well a reminder about the expiration of the permit with a link to the renewal form.

2. Changing details:

It is important that you keep your details up to date, otherwise your permit may become invalid, so please remember to up date us.

If you change your car: Some details you can change directly from the emails provided - the car registration and your contact email address for example.

Once these details have been changed on the system, simply change the registration details on the permit by hand. As long as the permit details match the vehicle it is displayed in and marries up with our database the permit is considered valid.

If you move house or change phone numbers: If you need to change phone numbers and addresses please contact us directly by calling  01452 383333 or email us.

3. Renewals

When your current permit is expires you will recieve an email informing you and reminding you to renew. To renew simply click the link provided in the email to be taken back through to our renewal form. 

To prevent our system getting confused please do not fill out a new permit application from our purchasing page - but if you do, just drop us an email and we will amend you details so you recieve your new permit.

4. Multiple Permits

Each permit is connected to one individual email address. Please do not use the same email address to purchase multiple permits for different vehicles in your household. 

5. Any problems or questions?

If you have any problems please don't hesitate to get in touch. This is a new system and although we have done our best to iron out any problems in advance we expect some teething problems, so are happy to hear from you!

Please contact us directly by calling 01452 383333 or email us.

6. Bookings for education groups

If you are booked on to a led education activity at Crickley Hill with GWT staff there is no need to purchase parking online prior to visiting.

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