Ecological Surveying

Come and help us carry out surveying and monitoring of wildlife and species in Gloucestershire


The Survey and Monitoring Programme is a great way to refresh the techniques I learnt whilst at university, whilst also gaining new ones.

- Susanna Bird

Our Survey and Monitoring Programmes run throughout the year offering opportunities to records species found on and off our nature reserves, helping to keep up-to-date records of the species present and the condition of the habitats.

This program welcomes people regardless of skills and experience. You will have the opportunity to learn a variety of ecological surveying techniques.

See below surveys we are recruiting for 


Stroud Wildlife Survey

This volunteer group has been running since 2014 and has worked on conservation verge surveys, freshwater invertebrate surveys, rare plant monitoring and veteran tree surveying. They have many more projects and field meetings lined up this year.

This friendly group is open to all levels and offers great opportunities to improve survey skills and often offers free training.

For more information please email and look at

Survey and Monitoring in the Dean

The survey opportunities are part of a wider project within the Dean, Foresters Forest a Heritage Lottery Funded Landscape Partnership programme. The project aim is to raise awareness and participation in the Deans rich herritage, wildlife and culture, through a range of volunteer and community projects. To join the group please contact them at or for more information visit 

Cirencester Area group

Formed in 2016 by a group of volunteers. They run ad-hoc surveys, events and conservation activities in the Cirencester area. For more information about the group's latest work please email them at

Toad Patrol (every January-April)

Toads on Roads patrollers help save thousands of migrating toads from being killed on roads each spring. GWT have been working with Froglife to support this campaign and in 2015 we initiated the Gloucestershire Toads on Roads network (GlosToR).

Toad Patrol runs from January to April each year, however, we are always eager to recruit more patrollers so please contact us if you want to get involved in saving amphibian lives in your area. Email the GlosToR volunteers on for more information.

Contact: Our Volunteer Coordinator or call 01452 383333