State of the Natural Environment

The county's natural environment has been going through unseen and unprecedented change that threatens to impact on our wildlife, health, wellbeing and the economy.

In 2011 the Trust produced its first State of the Environment which identified the scale of habitat loss and development within Gloucestershire. The Trust intends on producing a report each year indentifying key issues for Gloucestershire's wildlife and wild places.

2011 State of the Environment Report - Gloucestershire's Natural Environment

In 2012 we are focusing on the importance of brownfield sites for wildlife and asking councils to ensure they understand the ecology of brownfield sites before they grant persmission for further development so important wildlife sites aren't destroyed for good.

2012 State of the Environment Report - Development of Brownfield Sites

In 2014 we are warning of the impact of invasive non-native species to Gloucestershire’s native plants and animals. The report highlights three species - Himalayan balsam, muntjac deer and American signal crayfish - which are out of control in Gloucestershire and altering long established habitats, pushing some native species to the verge of extinction.

2014 State of the Environment Report - The impact of invasive non-native species to Gloucestershire's native plants and animals

In 2015 we published a State of the Natural Environment Report which states the area - known as the Golden Triangle - is the county flower’s only remaining stronghold in the county.

An increase in ploughing and the introduction of non-native wild daffodil species in recent years, have seen the delicate flowers come under threat. Report author Dr. Colin Studholme, Director of Policy and Research at Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust states that “While still locally abundant today they are certainly no longer in every meadow. The wild daffodil is certainly one of nature’s most beautiful and understated spectacles.”

2015 State of Nature Report: Gloucestershire’s county flower, the wild daffodil

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