Are you a hedgehog hero?

Are you a hedgehog hero?

(C) Tom Marshall

Take this quick and easy quiz to see if your garden makes you a hero or an uh-oh.

Did you know, I sometimes have walk two miles every night just to find enough beetles and other beasties to eat? Imagine my delight when I can find what I need amongst a network of hedgehog ‘friendly’ gardens. Some gardens are fraught with potential dangers though and I can easily get into trouble.

Why don’t you challenge your friends and neighbours to see who is a hedgehog hero by taking this quick and easy quiz. If you score more than 12, you are my hero! Score between 6 and 11 and you’re a hedgehog helper; 5 or less, I’m afraid you are a hedgehog uh-oh! Let me know your score so I can tell my friends to come visit or not.

If you live in Kingsway in Gloucester, or Charlton Kings or Swindon Village in Cheltenham, we have a team of helpers ready to support you in taking your garden to hedgehog hero level. Get in touch!

Don't forget to take the quiz!

Hedgehog Way

I’m proud to be the mascot for Hedgehog Way, a Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust project working with residents to improve urban green spaces for hedgehogs.

In Charlton Kings and Swindon Village in Cheltenham and Kingsway in Gloucester, residents will create Hedgehog Ways, neighbourhoods where hedgehogs can move safely between gardens.

Hedgehog Way is supported by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. Volunteers spend as little or as much time as they can spare and will assess gardens and other green spaces to see how hedgehog friendly they are, start to make these places better for hedgehogs and report sightings of hedgehogs.

If you live in Charlton Kings or Swindon Village in Cheltenham, or in Kingsway in Gloucester and would like to be involved, please contact Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust via email or call us on or 01452 383333.

Hedgehog (c) Robert Harrisonv

Robert Harrison

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