What to give a hedgehog this Christmas

What to give a hedgehog this Christmas

(C) Tom Marshall

You’re probably thinking ‘Don’t be so ridiculous, hedgehogs are hibernating right now.’

Well, you’re right! Most of my spiny friends are currently curled up under leaf piles or logs, snoozing their way through this time of merriment.

Us hedgehogs aren’t too bothered about toys and gadgets, but there is one gift we would love… a fruit tree to be planted in your garden!

there is one gift we would love… a fruit tree to be planted in your garden!

Christmas time is the PERFECT time to plant trees. Try a native fruit tree like an apple or cherry.

Why do hedgehogs like fruit trees? When the fruit falls to the floor or the tree is flowering, insects come along to eat from them and we like to eat insects!

Thank you in advance!

Hedgehog (C) Tom Marshall

(C) Tom Marshall

Keep an eye on hedgehogs during the winter

If you see one of my friends or family members out during the winter, it’s possible that they are in distress.

If a hedgehog is out during the day in winter it should be rescued regardless of its weight.

If you see a hedgehog at night it should only be rescued if it looks particularly skinny. It can cause unnecessary stress to the hedgehog if it is taken to a rescue centre needlessly.

If you are concerned about a hedgehog, please contact your local hedgehog advice centre.

Hedgehog Way

I’m proud to be the mascot for Hedgehog Way, a Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust project working with residents to improve urban green spaces for hedgehogs.

In Charlton Kings and Swindon Village in Cheltenham and Kingsway in Gloucester, residents will create Hedgehog Ways, neighbourhoods where hedgehogs can move safely between gardens.

Hedgehog Way is supported by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. Volunteers can spend as little or as much time as they can spare and will assess gardens and other green spaces to see how hedgehog friendly they are, start to make these places better for hedgehogs and report sightings of hedgehogs.

If you live in Charlton Kings or Swindon Village in Cheltenham, or in Kingsway in Gloucester and would like to be involved, please contact Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust via email or call us on or 01452 383333.

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