Ariel view from GWT Siccaridge Wood nature reserve (c)Nick Turner

Mapping and monitoring Gloucestershire's habitats to aid nature's recovery

Woodland • Grassland • River • Heathland

Cropland • Wetland • Garden • Orchard

Knowing what grows where is fundamental to restoring nature and protecting against climate change.

Citizen Scientists

As there is precious little funding for survey and monitoring work, the HabiMap programme needs a large, well trained and well coordinated Citizen Science volunteer team.

HabiMap Citizen Scientists are friendly and varied. They come from all over Gloucestershire (and beyond) and are linked by their love of nature.

There are two main Citizen Science roles within HabiMap.

  • Surveyor: in the countryside completing habitat assessments.
  • Data/GIS volunteer: office or home based with GIS mapping, database, or administrative skills.

Working alongside and supported by GWT staff, the HabiMap team undertake tasks including:

  • Coordination - Organising systems, people, data and resources.
  • Training - Arranging & delivering peer to peer training & mentoring
  • Surveying - In the field ground truthing habitats and ecological integrity using UK Habs and other measures.
  • Analysis and Interpretation - Updating systems, identifying data trends and opportunities for nature recovery, report writing.
  • Recommendation - Working with land managers to define and implement management changes, and decision makers to inform development.

To join the HabiMap Citizen Scientist volunteer community you need to:

  • be over 18
  • have some free time to volunteer.
  • be able to use a mobile phone or tablet.
  • have some plant identification skills, GIS/data skills or organisational skills.
  • be interested in learning.

There are active HabiMap WhatsApp and Facebook groups, free training courses, mapping blitzes, regular online meetings and a monthly bulletin, as well as the exceptional support normally offered to GWT volunteers.

3 people in a green meadow crouched to look at plants

GWT staff and citizen scientists surveying a meadow (c)Nick Turner 2021