Pollinators appeal

Modern living is devastating pollinator numbers, putting our ecosystem at risk

Pollinating insects form the cornerstone of our natural world. They are vital to beautiful wildflower meadows, they pollinate the crops we eat and are a food source for so many other species.

Pollinators are disappearing in alarming numbers and is threatening our own survival as a species. The situation is very real – and very worrying. Over the last century pollinator habitat has been lost or degraded through poor land management, the use of pesticides, climate change and development.

Did you know 41% are already facing extinction?

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We need to create and connect more habitats

At Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust we’re doing all we can to reverse the decline across Gloucestershire, but we could do more if we had the funds. We work across the county, alongside farmers and landowners to create a joined-up system of habitats called a Nature Recovery Network

A gift today would help create and connect more habitats by increasing wildflower meadows, managing hedgerows, and establishing ‘corridors’ so that insects can move and thrive. All of this will give pollinators a fighting chance to recover their numbers. Please help – before it’s too late.

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