HabiMap Citizen Science volunteers

HabiMap Citizen Science volunteers

Location: Various, (Contact to us find out more)

GWT staff and citizen scientists surveying a meadow (c)Nick Turner 2021

Our HabiMap group is perfect for those interested in furthering their ecological skills. Regardless of your skill level, there will be something to get involved in!

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HabiMap is a rolling citizen science programme to carry out detailed surveys of all habitats across Gloucestershire every 10 years.

Using the new UK Habitat Classification System (UKHab), HabiMap is improving habitat data quality to identify opportunities to enhance, create and connect wildlife-rich habitats across Gloucestershire.

HabiMap is aiming for three levels of detail:

  • Habitat survey of all of Gloucestershire on a 10 year rolling programme to a minimum of UK Habs level three or four.
  • 10 Priority Landscape Areas (over 17,000 ha) to be habitat mapped to UK Habs level four or five and monitored for ecological integrity data every three years.
  • All GWT Nature Reserves (over 1,000 ha) to be condition monitored using bespoke habitat mapping methodology every three years.

The data will be analysed and reported through technical mapping (QGIS) and a land management database (CMSI) to help organisations across Gloucestershire to focus limited resources.


Who is involved?

HabiMap is led by three GWT staff and in 2021, six months after inception, it had 150 citizen scientist volunteers, with more coming forward each month.

People getting involved in HabiMap are usually either:

  • Surveyors: in the countryside completing habitat assessments by using the UK Habitat Classification system and other measures
  • Data/GIS volunteers: office or home based with GIS mapping and database management
  • Analysis and Interpretation: Updating systems, identifying data trends and opportunities for nature recovery, report writing.

To join the HabiMap Citizen Scientist volunteer community you need to:

  • be over 18
  • have some free time to volunteer.
  • be able to use a mobile phone or tablet.
  • have some plant identification skills, GIS/data skills or organisational skills.
  • be interested in learning.


Sign up as a HabiMap Citizen Scientist (opens a SurveyMonkey form)

For further information contact Emma Ball at 

Email Emma Ball our Volunteer Support Officer at  emma.ball@gloucestershirewildlifetrust.co.uk or call 01452 383333