North Cotswold Volunteer Group Wednesdays

North Cotswold Volunteer Group Wednesdays

Location: North Cotswold , nature reserves
The group supports the management of our nature reserves in the North of the County, including the SSSI grassland of Crickley Hill and our Badgeworth nature reserve, home to the rare adder's-tongue spearwort found at only 2 sites in the UK.

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Crickley is well know for its stunning views, wild flowers and butterflies. It has gained national recognition for its wildlife, notably its yellow worts, carline thistles and viper's-bugloss. As a volunteer help us maintain and upkeep this stunning land.

This group runs on Wednesdays between 9:45am-2:15pm and supports the management of our following nature reserves. 

  • Crickley Hill
  • Barrow Wake
  • Badgeworth
  • Kilkenny
  • Coopers Hill
  • Arle Grove

The group is led by our East Reserves team. Who need your help to conserve and restore areas of rare wildflower meadows, grasslands and ancient woodlands, supporting natures recovery in Gloucestershire.

Over the autumn and winter, tasks can include meadow restoration, woodland management and scrub control, as well as habitat restoration for the Duke of Burgundy butterfly. The butterfly is only found at a few Cotswold sites one of which is Kilkenny.

During the spring and summer, the group focuses more on site infrastructure, repairing/installing fences to create new areas for conservation grazing. There is also meadow management work and occasional ecological surveys.

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If you would like to help please contact us by emailing our Volunteer Coordinator or call 01452 383333


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