School Quiz Master

School Quiz Master

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We need more volunteers to help run our annual Primary School Wildlife quiz which has been running for over 40 years

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The Wildlife School Quiz was established in 1976, with an entry of just 6 schools, it is now in its 45th year with just under 100 schools taking part each year. The quiz is run by volunteers of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (GWT) with the objective of promoting and enhancing the study of the natural world and Natures Recovery. The Quiz is part of a larger learning programme run by GWT.


How it works:

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 the Nature Quiz had been run in a standardised format; the County divided into 8 areas; quiz taking place over 5 stages. The first three stages are run by the volunteer Area Organisers and take place between January-May. The champions of each area then meet in stage four, the County semi-finals which normally take place in June, followed by stage five, the final in early July. The semi-finals and finals are led by the Quiz Master with support from Area Organisers and GWT staff. The Quiz Master can help deliver the first three stages within an area but does not necessarily have to if there is sufficient volunteer support.

A team consists of four children, usually from Years 5 and 6, but younger children can and do take part. Most schools also have a fifth team member to act as a reserve. Each Wildlife Quiz round lasts about an hour. Quizzes can take place within the school day or after school to suit individual schools and organisers.

In 2020 with the outbreak of COVID-19 the GWT Learning Manager sent some questions out on video, and in 2021 we are planning a virtual quiz, following consultation with teachers about the challenges of intra-school activity.

In order to run the quiz we are looking to recruit a new Quiz Master to help with organising the quiz each year.


What is involved 

As the School Quiz Master your role will be to organise the quiz each year, this will involve the following tasks:

  • Liaising with the Learning Manager write the invite email in October to invite all schools to take part in the quiz (GWT will print and post the letters out on your behalf)
  • Write the quiz questions for each round of the Wildlife Quiz. Questions can be new or taken from the question bank. Ideally one third would be new questions each year. GWT can provide support checking questions and answers.
  • Ensure each Area Organiser has their quiz pack for the year. This is normally sent to them in December or January. The packs include questions, score sheets, certificates and GWT branded materials.
  • Order prizes for the area winners and for the finals. GWT will reimburse cost.
  • Collect trophy from previous winners before the final. It is the winning school’s responsibility to sort out the plaque on the trophy each year.
  • Organise and attend the semi-finals and the final, leading the event, reading the questions out, while another volunteer scores.
  • Liaising with the Learning Manager organise the annual meeting for all quiz volunteers. GWT will support with venue, refreshments etc.  
  • Ensure that there is sufficient coverage with area volunteers and act as their contact.
  • Collate engagement numbers and contacts from areas leads and submit them to the GWT Learning Manager.  
  • Consider and seek opportunities for developing the quiz, whether through changes formats or increased engagement.


Skills required 


  • Excellent organisation skills
  • Confident speaking in front of others, including small groups of children aged between 7-11
  • Experience of the knowledge level of children in the country with regards to nature
  • Able to use Microsoft Office Word and online video programmes, such as Teams or Zoom
  • Available during term time. Quizzes have taken place just after school between 3:30-5pm, with the final in the evening.
  • Happy to research and write questions on the topic of wildlife, structure them into rounds with increasing difficulty for the different stages
  • Access to private transport
  • Able to coordinate a team and act as a conduit with Learning Manager at GWT


  • Previous experience of primary school education system
  • Wildlife Knowledge (this can be learned as you go)
  • Previous experience of working or volunteering with primary school age children
  • Previous experience of marking quiz questions



GWT will provide an induction to the role and provide training on how to set up and run a quiz, write questions and coordinate Area Organisers. We will also provide safeguarding training.


How to apply

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, via or call 01452 383333 to tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in volunteering for this role