GWT’s work to protect mammals at risk of extinction

Wednesday 13th June 2018

Water vole (C) Terry LongleyWater vole (C) Terry Longley

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust is very concerned that one in five wild mammals in the UK is at risk of extinction, according to a report published today by Natural England and the Mammal Society.

The species highlighted in the report include water voles (pictured above), hedgehogs and hazel dormice.

“Change is possible but this requires urgent action. We know and have shown that specialist intervention and support from the public can reverse declines. For example, at our Greystones nature reserve, water voles are now thriving,” says Dr Gareth Parry, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust’s Director of Conservation.

Dormouse (C) Amy LewisGloucestershire Wildlife Trust is a charity that works throughout the county to protect wildlife for the future, including vital work to protect the species that are highlighted in the new report.

Vulnerable hazel dormice (pictured right) have safe habitats at Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust’s sites across Gloucestershire, but these require specialist management and we urgently need to link nature reserves with the surrounding countryside so wild animals are not isolated.

The Hedgehog Way project is improving habitats for hedgehogs in Cheltenham and Gloucester, while otters and other animals have benefitted from our long-standing work to enhance rivers across the county. Our recently published study shows that the Forest of Dean would be a suitable habitat for pine martens, now the UK’s second rarest carnivore.

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