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Join our 28,000 members to get involved with activities, discover wonderful wild places and directly contribute to safeguarding Gloucestershire’s vulnerable wildlife over 1088 hectares of land.

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The vital conservation work we do today to enhance and protect the county's wildlife-rich landscapes to ensure the next generation are able to enjoy them tomorrow is an enormous undertaking. We rely heavily on membership to generate the funds we need, and cannot safeguard precious habitats and wildlife in Gloucestershire without our supporters.

For every £1 donated

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We will use your membership where it is needed most, be it creating a wildlife highway in one of our woodland nature reserves, creating the best conditions for over-wintering birds at our wetland reserves or connecting our wild places to allow wildlife to recover and thrive.

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72p in every £1 is spent directly on supporting wildlife and wild places. 15p goes to securing extra funding for our work and 13p is spent on broadening our income base to safeguard for the future. 


Not only do I know I'm helping to protect the places I love for me and my daughter to enjoy, but the events are great, we learn so much and have fun together too
Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust member

10 ways your membership helps wildlife in Gloucestershire

  1. Caring for over 60 nature reserves
  2. Protecting wildlife habitats at risk of disappearing
  3. Creating bigger, better and more connected places where people and wildlife can thrive
  4. Reversing the decline of animal populations
  5. Recreating wildflower rich meadows
  6. Bringing wildlife to urban areas
  7. Inspiring the next generation
  8. Using natural solutions to improve habitats for people and wildlife
  9. Opposing unsuitable build development
  10. Making wildlife-rich landscapes by influencing landowners
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Become a member and get...

  • A nature reserve guide highlighting some amazing wild places to visit on your doorstep.
  • The Wildlife magazine twice a year, which helps you discover more about our work and projects, hear wildlife updates, news from the Trust, events listings, and details on volunteering.
  • As a member you’ll be helping wildlife not only on over 1000 hectares of nature reserves, but beyond.
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Wildlife Watch montage

Family Members also get

  • Children receive their first Wildlife Watch magazine, made especially for younger supporters. This includes a poster, stickers, and a 60-page handbook full of ideas on helping and spotting wildlife.
  • Children then receive three Wildlife Watch magazines a year, each with a poster.