Marten March 2

Marten March

Welcome to the month of martens. The month where you will discover how much there is to know about pine martens…and in fact…all of our native mustelids. These lengthy, fluffy critters have so much…

River Severn

A ‘Wildbelt’ for the Severn?

We’ve got less than ten years to begin reversing the declines in wildlife across the UK. If anything focuses the mind, it’s that. We know that what we’ve been doing so far in Gloucestershire,…

Josie - scat

Hindsight is 2020

As our translocated martens make there way through their second winter here in the Dean (and their third lockdown!) we thought we’d look back on the past 12 months of the project.

Pine marten scat

Food Glorious Food

As we finish off our selection box chocolates and the leftover cheese from Christmas, let’s delve into pine marten diet. Here, we look at martens' favourite foods throughout the year and how…