Don Sutherland

Build, build, build!

Roger discusses how nature desperately needs help from the Government, findings from our Life After Lockdown survey and how we must build back better with nature.

Pale Tussock 2

There’s Nothing Like Moth-ing

Meg recently took over our Instagram for the weekend and has now written an exciting blog all about the wonders of moths. She became increasingly interested in these diverse creatures whilst…

Will blog 2

Connecting to nature for 30 Days Wild

Will talks about the importance that 30 Days Wild has this year coinciding with our coronavirus lockdown; there couldn’t be a better time for us to make the effort to connect with nature.


Are you ready for 30 Days Wild?

This year it will be Tess’ very first 30 Days Wild. While GWT’s Communications Manager is definitely not a wildlife expert like most of the team (she spends most of her days emailing colleagues …

Chris Maguire

After the crisis: an environmental recovery? 

Dr. Gareth Parry, Director of Conservation at GWT, talks about the UK’s long road to recovery and what we can learn from the pandemic. He also provides more information about a survey created by…

Winner of Local Landscapes category

Five ways to wellbeing during lockdown

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Lorna Fox, GWT’s Head of Community Programmes, takes a closer look at our connection to nature during lockdown and reveals how we can continue to enhance our…