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Door 12: Treat yourself by planning a wildlife friendly garden

Posted: Monday 12th December 2016 by Community

Coombe Hill flowers in SummerWildflowers in Summer at Coombe Hill

Door 12: Look ahead to Spring by planning a wildlife friendly garden, and encourage others to do so too by buying them a Wildlife Garden Gift membership.

For gardeners, poring over catalogues and planning the garden as we look ahead to Spring is one of winter’s gardening joys.

We hope every wildlife loving gardener will plan a wild area in their garden. Even the smallest space can grow plants to attract butterflies and bees, and other pollinators, which are so important for all of us.

And if you have a friend who just needs a nod of encouragement to grow their own wildlife friendly garden, how about giving them a Wildlife Garden Gift membership pack for Christmas?

You can follow our wildlife gardening blog too. Written by wildlife-gardening expert, Sue Bradley, it's full of tips and ideas for making sure your garden is a joy for you and for wildlife.

If you love wildflower meadows, with their array of colourful flowers, buzzing bees, and fluttering beautiful butterflies, then we have lots of suggestions for where you might head in spring. The image here is from Coombe Hill, near Bishop's Cleeve. Famous for its water birds, Coombe Hill also has vibrant wildflower meadows; Crickley Hill is another destination for wildflower lovers; Poor's Allotment at the tip of the Forest of Dean is a-buzz in Spring and has a fabulous diplay of orchids too.

View the wildlife at Coombe Hill from the Grundon Hide.

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