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Door 4: A squelchy winter walk for everyone

Posted: Sunday 4th December 2016 by Community

Along the River FromeFrome Banks in Spring

Frome Banks nature reserve in Stroud is the perfect wellie-wearing walk for kids on a wintry Sunday afternoon. An outdoor treat for kids (and pretty fab fun for parents or grandparents too).

Yesterday's walk on The Laurie Lee Wildlife Way can be quite tough but fortunately, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust has reserves with something for everyone.

Frome Banks Nature Reserve is one of our newest, and it’s great for kids – but you might want to make sure they’re wearing their wellies!

We think kids should be outside playing at every chance they can. Frome Banks is an outdoor play haven right in the middle of Stroud. It’s a long thin woodland walk along the banks of the River Frome. You can get to it from either end, but the easiest access is by Capel Mill, on the canal path.

The path can be muddy when it’s wet, but that makes it all the more fun to squelch along in wellies. There are fallen trees to clamber on, and a place to play along the way. The river is quite fast but shallow, and there are places where you can challenge friends and family to a mini stick-raft race.

Make your own wildlife friendly stick-raft.

What you need:
Collect lots of sticks of about the same length.
Find some long pieces of grass, and some big leaves.

What to do:

  • First make a frame by tying the four longest straightest sticks together at the corners.
  • Then lay the other sticks over, and tie in place with some more grass.
  • When it’s nice and tight, make your sail.
  • Use a big leaf, and poke a stick through, then attach to the raft with lots more grass!

Now find an easy place to throw your raft into the river and watch as it sails away.

Because you’ve made it out of sticks and grass, it will just break up and won’t harm the water, or the birds and animals that live here.



Work at Frome Banks

is supported by 

Grundon Waste Management.


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