The Gloucestershire Trust for Nature Conservation was founded in 1961 by a group of volunteers, led by Sir Peter Scott, who recognised that local wildlife was under threat.  Now known as Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (GWT), GWT is a registered charity (Charity number: 232580) and a private limited company by guarantee (Company number: 00708575).

How is GWT governed?

GWT is governed by a Board of Trustees who are both trustees of the charity and directors of the company.  We have up to 16 trustees at any one time (all unpaid volunteers) who bring a wealth of skills and experience to the organisation. 

We have a number of sub-groups of the Board that report to the Board on various aspects of the organisation.  These include Finance Panel, Governance Panel, Major Projects Group, Performance Group and Habitats & Species Committee.

How are trustees recruited?

Trustees serve for a fixed term and retire by rotation at our AGM in November. Every year we conduct a skills audit and identify any gaps in the skills and experience of the Board.  When gaps have been identified, we place an advertisement for new trustees based on these gaps in our members' magazine and on our web site.  We also ask current trustees to suggest potential candidates from amongst their personal networks particularly where we are looking for very specialised skills.

Applicants are then interviewed by Governance Panel and background checks are made.  Governance Panel makes a recommendation to the Board and successful candidates then stand for election by our members at the next AGM.  On occasion, successful candidates are co-opted to the Board and serve alongside existing trustees until the AGM where they stand for election in the normal way.