Adopt A Brown Hare

Adopt a Brown Hare and get a LARGE SOFT TOY!

Brown Hares thrive on open farmland habitat but due to the steady change in farming practise, numbers of hares have been declining since the 1960s.

Luckily we have strongholds in the Cotswolds and the Severn Vale.

We work with landowners as part of our Living Landscape Programmes to promote traditional farming methods to help conserve their habitat.

Adopt a brown hare today and know that you are helping us to protect them for future generations to come. Our adoption packs are great for all ages, you will recieve a whole host of goodies, you can also be confident in the knowledge that your support will help to protect Gloucestershire's wildlife!

Adopters Will Receive:

  • A Large Hare soft toy
  • A photograph of the striking brown hare
  • A fact sheet about brown hares
  • A fun ‘pop-up’ model for you to cut out and make
  • An adoption certificate
  • Colouring in sheets, for the child within!

*plus £3.50 P&P

Click here to Adopt a Brown Hare today.

Alternatively call the membership team on 01452 389955 or complete the online enquiry form.