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Our Bright Future - Course Updates

Posted: Tuesday 27th June 2017 by BenS

Monthly updates from the Our Bright Future Team

Hello and welcome back to our monthly blog! 

Summer has well and truly arrived, bringing with it all the joys it has to offer. Our sites have all been busy with pollinator activities. One particular highlight came at our Training Garden, where our dog rose leaves had been utlised by leaf cutter bees to make nests in one of our bee hotels. All of the bee hotels we made during each session are now up, so we will keep you updated of any further solitary bee activity in them.

Our Lynworth Court sessions have been partiuclarly busy recently, dismantling an old pallet and converting it into a raised planter. This is an excellent illustration of just how easy it can be to upcycle old items into useful garden features. The planter has now been filled with snapdragons, purple toadlfax, cosmos and californian poppies, which should provide plentiful food sources for pollinators. 

Our new class over at Bettridge has been taking advantage of the wildflowers on show at this time of year, carrying out some surveys to see what has popped up in recent weeks. They have also been busy working at Wallace House, planting up some of their hanging baskets there with fuschias, bidens and geraniums. Additionally, our group over at Tewkesbury School has been busy planting runner beans, making teepees to support the climbing plants as they grow. They have also been harvesting strawberries and rhubards that had been planted in previous months. 


With the last few weeks being as dry as they have been, watering has been an absoltuely essential part of all of our sessions. Whilst rain is scheduled over the coming days, please remember to keep your plants well watered in the coming weeks! 

Over the coming weeks we plan on doing some more pollinator surveys, particulaly looking at bees and butterflies. As well as this we hope to start building some hedgehog homes in preparation for the autumn months. 

Thanks for reading and look out for our next updates - Jo, Duncan and Ben. 


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