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EXCLUSIVE GUEST BLOG: Father Christmas - Reason's I love Gloucestershire

Posted: Monday 14th December 2015 by Community

Father Christmas has written an exclusive blog just for us!

"Of all of Britains gorgeous green shore, a place which makes me smile upon arrival is that of Gloucestershire. Over the many years I've been delivering my seasonal cheer, under every guise, King Frost, King Winter, Father Time, and even as Jul I've always been entranced with Gloucestershire's sheer variety. From the mystical woodlands in the Forest of Dean which feature in one of my favourite films, Harry Potter, to the sweeping and watery landscape of the Severn Vale and the patchwork rural charm of the Cotswolds with its twinkling nestled villages.

I love to follow the sweeping river Severn then taking a short detour through Coombe Hill nature reserve. It's always an amazing view, whether it's shrouded in mist with the odd honk of a goose, or even more special is being joined by a 'V' of greylag geese flying alongside the sleigh!

Of course this isn't the only view I admire from my lofty height, the vales and vistas of the Slad Valley, near Stroud are stunning from any perpective particularly from Swifts Hill nature reserve, and the reindeer love to take a short break at Woorgreens to have a splash in the lake. There's a doggy splash zone which we always use, I know that Rudolph and his friends aren't strictly of the canine variety, but they do enjoy a good splash to cool down after a long flight - the water is positively balmy compared to the North Pole - though Prancer isn't a fan of the mud!

In recent years, I've witnessed more and more rivers of light cutting up the landscape and the gentle starry city clusters spiralling out like newly born galaxies and challenging me with a great many new homes in which to deliver to. I've also noticed somewhat of a resurgence in the use of natural materials to decorate the homes of those I visit, and although I sometimes worry about where these materials come from, it's very refreshing to see a little of the wildness of outside welcomed back in. There's nothing more festive than the warming scent of a real tree mingling with the fading spicy scent of mulled wine or cider - so it's so wonderful to see the living trees being used, I've even heard that you can rent such trees for the festive period which eases the storage problems that I imagine many families may encounter - what a wonderful idea!

Whilst filling Christmas stockings, I love looking at the decorations, last year I admired a lovely willow wreath hanging carefully by the birdfeeder in a garden - a bird feeding festive wreath! Indeed, I had to stop naughty Rudolph from having a nibble of the berries that had been placed there for the birds. The idea of sharing seasonal charity with wildlife is a heart warming notion, and the sight of knitted hedgehogs, fir cones and willow stars adorning the living Christmas tree really did make me smile - my wife likes to make similar decorations with the elves at home.

I always love the grey dawning light of Christmas morning, watching the birds waking up as I deliver my final few gifts. So this year as I enjoy the quiet hum of Christmas spirit spilling out over the world as children awaken early to try and catch a glimpse of Rudolf, I''ll be sure to spread a little extra cheer when I visit Gloucestershire."

Lots of Love 
Father Christmas


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