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Green January: Just How Many Uses Does a Plastic Bottle Have?

Posted: Wednesday 18th January 2017 by Community

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder Image from HandimaniaPlastic Bottle Bird Feeder Image from Handimania

Plastic has been outed as our planet’s enemy number one. Causing death and destruction amongst wildlife and scarring the earth forever. Well plastic. We’re coming for you. And we’re going to make you good.

Recycling is an excellent way of ensuring plastic doesn’t end up in landfill or the sea, where it will harm and kill marine wildlife forever – but there’s more you can do than simply leaving it to your friendly local waste management company. Oh yes!

There are so many brilliant ideas for recycling plastic that we’ve tackled a tiny area and found lots of projects to have a go at – who knew plastic bottles could be so useful for the garden?!

Here’s our top 5 ways of recycling plastic bottles:

Make a bird feeder.
There are a number of ways you can make plastic work for your feathered garden friends. Whether you have a water bottle or a leftover ketchup bottle, there are ingenious ways to turn them into feeding stations.

DIY Watering can.
Simple but effective; a large milk bottle works best for this. Simply making holes in the lid will leave you with a free watering can you can use time and time again. Perfect.

Make a greenhouse.
Yes! We DID say greenhouse. Believe it or not, plastic bottles make the perfect greenhouse – be it cutting one in half and popping over a single plant or asking someone with carpentry skills to help you construct a skeleton life-size greenhouse and covering in plastic bottles. Find brilliant, detailed instructions here.

Self-Watering Seed Start Pot Planter.
Go one step further and get the plastic bottle to do your gardening for you – create a self-watering planter. Thrifty, crafty and planet-friendly.

Vertical Plastic Bottle Garden.
Don’t have a garden or short on space? Once again, we can make dreaded plastic useful! Take inspiration from Rosenbaum Designs vertical garden by cutting out planter holes in bottles, suspending on strings, hanging and planting. A herb garden in a very small space. Wonderful. Designs

Once you’re done giving plastic bottles a second lease of life, we still need to think about how we dispose of them. Recycling your waste responsibly makes a huge difference in comparison to sending to landfill. Find out the plastic you can recycle and the plastic you can’t by checking your local services.

Thanks to Grundon Waste Management for tips on recycling.

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