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Updates from Natural Estates

Posted: Monday 30th January 2017 by Community

Nature at Work - Natural EstatesNature at Work - Natural Estates

Biweekly updates from the Natural Estates team

Hello and welcome to Updates from Natural Estates, a biweekly blog to get you up to speed with what the team has been up to! 

First things first, let's just introduce a bit about the project and its aims. Natural Estates is part of the Big Lottery Fund's "Our Bright Future" programme, which aims to empower young people to lead on progressive change in their communities and local environments.

giving 11-24 year olds the skills to create and manage habitats within urban areas

As one of 31 projects funded by Our Bright Future, Natural Estates is run across Gloucestershire and Avon, by their respective Wildlife Trust's, with the intention of giving 11-24 year olds the skills to create and manage habitats within urban areas. This is important for protecting urban wildlife, as well as for giving young people transferable skills with the intention of increasing employability in the environmental sector. 

Currently, Glouestershire Wildlife Trust's Natural Estates project is running a total of seven sessions each week across Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewksbury in schools, youth centres and on housing associations' land.

So what have we been up to over the last two weeks? Well, the general theme after the Christmas period has been to get ready for those fast approaching spring months. The arrival of early flying insects, particularly bees, has been highly anticipated, so early flowering crocus plants have been planted during all sessions, which should supply these first emergers with a plentiful food source at a time when supplies are low! 

We have also been doing our bit for the birds, building feeders during the Tewksbury School and Lynworth Court sessions, that can hopefully provide a bit of extra fuel needed during the harsh winter months. Additionally, our All Saints' Academy class has been working to make nest boxes, that should soon be home to young chicks come spring time. 

The girls at Barnwood Park Arts College have been busy sowing veg, that will be grown in their new greenhouse that was set up last week. The greenhouse is crucial for providing the warmth and shelter needed for these plants to thrive over the coming weeks! Similarly, the team at the Tewksbury Training garden have sown a wealth of pollinator friendly seeds, that should hopefully provide the food for a range of insects over the summer months. 

So that's it for now, but please keep an eye out for our next update!



Duncan, Jo and Ben - The Natural Estates Team GWT

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