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Peregrines return to Lancaut!

Posted: Thursday 6th April 2017 by Community

Peregrines are nesting at our Lancaut nature reserve again! Kevin - our Forest of Dean Nature Reserves Manager - is particularly excited by this development!

We have breeding peregrine falcons at ban-y-gor!!! (confirmed yesterday!)

I have just established a climbing restriction for half the cliff habitat of our reserve and BMC are paying for signs to remind climbers of the restriction which is great!



Thank goodness we know how to balance sharing our reserves for people and wildlife.

Pigeon feathers litter the base of the cliff with trails of poop and feathers up to the nest site, and this is when I noticed both adult birds soaring above and could hear the calls of the chicks!

Not only this but toothwort is growing on the cliff path!

Only last month two peregrine falcons were found killed on the Offa's dyke path a mile upstream of Ban-y-Gor.So glad we have these guys back on our reserve!

Schedule one breeding peregrine falcons on our reserve - I am over the moon :)

Kevin Caster (Forest of Dean Reserves Manager)

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