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Our Bright Future - Project Updates

Posted: Wednesday 31st May 2017 by Community

Updates from the Our Bright Future Project team

Hello and welcome back to our latest blog! 

The last few weeks have been very successful for the team, with up to 9 weekly sessions being delivered across Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury. One particular highlight occurred at our Lynworth Court site, where a pair of blue tits have begun nesting in a bird box made by one of our participants from the Aston Project. This was especially exciting for us, as this is the first  successful nest we have put up so far! We will keep you posted on their progress in the coming weeks. 

The team's primary duties have revolved around continuing the potting on of our seedlings across all locations, with the girls at Barnwood Park transfering three trays worth of dahlias into larger pots. Their was an unexpected visitor during this session, as a juvenile smooth newt popped its head out of one of the freshly prepared pots of compost. After initial screams of surprise followed fascination and this was a wonderful reminder of just how captivating wildlife can be. Potting on sessions will be continuing at all sites over the coming weeks and we hope to get as many of the different species growing across all locations.  



We had a new group over at Tewkesbury School, who carried out some grounds maintenance (primarily weeding), as well as creating some solitary bee homes using old down piping and bamboo canes. Our group over at Beaufort Academy also made several of these and put them up in their garden. As well as this, they successfully identified some social bee species, including tree bumblebees, buff-tailed bumblebees and honey bees that were buzzing around their rose bushes. We hope to do this with all our groups throughout the summer months! 

Keep checking this space for the next update. Until then, thanks from the Natural Estates Team - Jo, Duncan and Ben. 



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