The delicate wild daffodil was once a common sight throughout Gloucestershire and is our county flower. Today the wild daffodil is mainly found in a part of the county called the ‘golden triangle’ due to its fields and verges of native wild daffodils. The Golden Triangle is near Newent and draws hundreds of visitors every year from all over the country.

In March each year Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust’s Gwen & Vera’s Fields, Betty Daw’s Wood, Vell Mill Meadow and Ketford Banks nature reserves, near Newent, are carpeted in yellow. The sight is stunning and the local parish's of Kempley, Dymock and Oxenhall celebrate by putting on daffodil tea's for visitors (click on each Parish for a link to more information and dates of when they put on their tea's)

listen to local memories

Back in October 2011, we met local people living in the Golden Triangle who shared their Wild Daffodil memories with us.



What does a Wild Daffodil look like?

The Corona which is the trumpet like part of the flower, has parallel sides and fans out right at the tip.

The leaves are flat and roughly 5 to 15mm wide, and usually 30cm long they have a bluish, grey colouring.

Tepals are the paler outside petals and these are usually the same length as the bright yellow trumpet like part of the flower. Tepals are usually 18 to 40mm long and twisted at the base.

Read more wild daffodils in our State of the Natural Environment report

Threats include fragmentation and neglect of habitats, climate change and development. In recent centuries non-native wild daffodil species have been introduced into British gardens. Cultivated species have been developed from original species and with both of these being planted in wild places could threaten the 'naturalness' of the wild daffodils. The two main changes to land management that has seen the decline and therefore have a negative impact on daffodil meadows is conversion to arable and use as pony paddocks. 

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