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Day 10: Be prepared

Posted: Sunday 3rd January 2016 by Community

Try these two ideas and get inspiration for other ways in which you can prepare early, save money and be green next Christmas.

Gift tags

What you’ll need:

  • your Christmas cards received this year
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • ribbon or rustic string

Don’t put your cards out with the recycling just yet! You can transform them into next year’s gift tags.

You might want to make square, triangle or oblong templates to draw around using a card you’re not so keen on, or if you’re confident just cut out shapes from the cards.

Punch each tag and thread a length of ribbon or rustic string through the hole, and loosely knot until you’re ready to fix them onto your gifts next year. Try pinking shears instead of regular scissors for pretty edges.


Wrapping paper

What you’ll need:

  • newspaper
  • raw potatoes
  • a knife
  • a cloth
  • paper to print on
  • a brush and paint

You can use a single shape in your design or a number of shapes so cut as many potatoes as you need in half. Dab the potatoes with a cloth to absorb any excess liquid.

Cut a shape into each half – a simple triangle looks modern and chic, a Christmas tree shape is a classic, stars look lovely, and if you’re feeling patient and artistic a reindeer or a snowflake!

Lay out an area of newspaper to work on as this activity can be messy and spread your paper on top. Paint your shapes and press them onto the paper in a pattern of your choice.

The recipients of your gifts will love their unique wrapping paper and gift tags!

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