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Day 6: Keep Warm

Posted: Wednesday 30th December 2015 by Community

(c) Emma Bradshaw

Make some gorgeous Christmassy pine cone fire lighters this year. Give them as gifts to friends and family or simply enjoy their spiced scent in your own home!

You will need:

  • pine cones
  • soy wax
  • candle wick
  • essential oil (sweet orange, cinnamon, clove smell lovely)
  • an old saucepan
  • non-stick cake tray

Wrap a three inch piece of wick around the base of the pine cone, and place to one side. In the saucepan simply melt the wax on a gentle heat, add any essential oils you may want to use then spoon it into the cake tray. Place your ready wrapped pine cone into the hot wax and leave to cool. Once hardened add a few drops of each essential oil to the pine cone and lift out of the cake tin. 

Voila - a gorgeous and spicy scented pine cone firelighter!

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