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Door 10: Help our hedgehogs survive the winter chills

Posted: Saturday 10th December 2016 by Community

hedgehogThe garden hedgehog

Hedgehogs should be tucked up somewhere warm by now. If you see one out and about, he might need your help.

Hedgehogs need our help all year round. Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust has been monitoring sightings of the little creatures all year, and you can help by recording any information you have about hedgehogs in our county. Follow the link to the page on our website that gives you lots of information about 'The Last Hedgehog'. And there's a great video featuring Ellie Harrison, all about what you can do.

If you have a hedgehog lover in the family, why not Adopt a Hedgehog - a fantastic gift to receive, and great for wildlife too.

And there are lots of things you can do to help - make sure your garden is hedgehog friendly by leaving a small gap at the bottom of your fences so they can move around easily; be careful when you light garden fires that there isn't a small spiny ball tucked up against the cold; put out food for any hungry hogs that might wake up if the temperature rises.

Most people know now not to put out bread and milk - hedgehogs are lactose intolerant and it upets their tummies. Chicken-based cat food, or peanuts chopped up small are good high protein options.

If you are good with DIY you could build a hedgehog home, or buy one ready made, to make sure they have a safe haven in your garden. They'll reward your efforts by snacking on snails and slugs - it's a two-way arrangement.

But at this time of year, they really shouldn't be outside at all. If you find one, the best thing to do is to contact a professional who can give you appropriate advice.

Please don't bring an injured hedgehog direct to us as we don't have facilities to help, and it may delay him getting the right treatment.

Image: (c) Tom Marshall

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