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Door 2: A wildlife Christmas Tree for your garden

Posted: Friday 2nd December 2016 by Community

FieldfareA favourite winter visitor

Create a wildlife Christmas tree in your garden by decorating your favourite tree with bird-friendly baubles.

Make a treat for wildlife

As winter sets in, the food we put out for the birds become more and more important. You can make a wildlife Christmas tree in your garden – perhaps one you can see through the kitchen or living room window as you are making Christmas cakes or thinking about decorating your own home.

The usual garden birds will love it, and you might attract winter visitors like fieldfares and redwing.

Supplement your usual feeders with some home-made baubles – a great activity to do with children or grandchildren.

To make a pine cone bauble you will need:

  • Some large pine cones
  • Tasty treats like bird seed, raisins and grated cheese.
  • Suet (meat or veggie)

Tie a colourful ribbon around the base of the cone. Mix suet with the tasty treats and stuff the mixture between the scales until the cone is covered completely – the warmth of your hands will melt the suet just enough to stick.

Hang in your wildlife tree – this is your first festive food ornament!

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