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Door 6: Add another bauble to your wildlife Christmas Tree

Posted: Tuesday 6th December 2016 by Community

Door 6: Add another bauble to your tree. Tie string to half a coconut shell, mix nuts, seeds, dried fruit and cheese into melted lard and fill the shell. Leave to set in the fridge, then hang up for the birds to enjoy

If you don’t have a half coconut shell, a yogurt pot works well too. Just make sure you can tie a string or ribbon through a hole, so you can hang your edible bauble to your Christmas Wildlife Tree.

And if you're lucky enough to have lots  available, the birds will be happy with another pine cone stuffed full of tasty things to eat.

It doesn’t matter what mix you put in to your bauble, but high protein treats help the garden birds survive a cold winter, unlike unhelpful bread which can bloat them and isn’t good nutritionally. So making sure you mix in some bits of cheese or peanut butter will help them stay healthy.

Unlike humans at Christmas time, the birds don’t get chance to overeat, so this really does help them.

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