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Door 8: Welcome Christmas Robins to your garden

Posted: Thursday 8th December 2016 by Community

Robin in Winter

Feed robins with meal worms, and they'll keep coming back for more.

Robins are naturally ground feeders, and prefer to take their food from a flat surface like a tray, or mesh platform. They love mealworms, so if you want a Christmas Robin in your garden you know what to do!

But please make sure that any feeders are kept clean. Parasites can lurk in dirty feeders, which can cause great distress to birds.

And don’t forget, birds need water in the winter too. If you keep a water dish outside for them, then you can stop it freezing over completely by floating a plastic duck, or colourful ball, on the surface.

 For bird food, and other garden wildlife accessories and cleaning products how about Vinehouse Farm? Not only sustainable but they also support the Wildlife Trusts.

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