Corporate Team Days

We can offer your team a great day out by assisting with the practical management of our nature reserves.

Tired of sitting at your desk? Why not try your hand at coppicing in ancient woodland, or make hay while the sun shines in a Cotswold meadow?

Corporate team days are fantastic opportunities for staff team building and personal development outside of the normal working environment. It is also a great, interactive way for companies to make a positive and practical difference to local wildlife.

At Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust we are able to offer a unique and tailored day, utilising our 60+ beautiful nature reserves across Gloucestershire.

We can provide a wide range of activities from woodland conservation, habitat restoration to charcoal creation. Tasks suitable for employee teams are primarily available during the autumn and winter months, when most habitat management takes place, although we can offer some summer month activities.

For just £30+VAT per person, your team has the opportunity to see the difference they are making for wildlife and local communities, for generations to come.

Full training will be given on the day, and expert Trust staff will be on hand to supervise.

As a charity we ask for a donation of £30+VAT per head or £300+VAT per group (if fewer than 10 people). This is to cover the cost of organising, running, providing professional support and equipment (breakdown is available on request).

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Did you know that corporate days:

  • Show staff and customers that you share their core values in supporting the local community
  • Help recruit and retain new employees
  • Actively demonstrates corporate responsibility
  • Provide employees perspective and space from their everyday pressures  
  • Provide social interaction across all management levels                  
  • Help build problem solving skills      
  • Provide immediate sense of reward and achievement        
  • Promote team building and team cohesion      
  • Promote wellbeing

What we offer:

  • Exclusive events for groups of all sizes
  • Tasks for all abilities
  • All equipment and materials necessary for the task
  • Opportunities for guided walks
  • Opportunities for team-building tasks
  • Full training for the days task from our Nature Reserve Managers
  • Full health and safety provision and on-site briefing
  • A rewarding and fun experience with fantastic benefits for local wildlife

A very challenging but fun day out. The experience brought together people as a team, but more importantly it assisted in the preservation of our wildlife that needs all the help it can get
- Russ Langley, AmeyCOLAS

Activities you can get involved with.


Coppicing is an ancient woodland management method which involves cutting small, young trees back almost to the base.  It is done on a cyclical basis usually between 10 and 15 years, we undertake coppicing to create cycles of light and dark in woodlands, which benefits a wide vareity of plant and animal species.

Scrub Clearance

On many of our reserves we have to remove small trees and shrubs that have encroached from hedgerows and woodland boundaries onto rides and clearings. This usually involves a bonfire and is done by using a variety of hand tools. Both these activities are more suitable for larger groups and are undertaken from late September through to April.


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