Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What do I need to bring with me? If you are joining a nature reserve group, bring a packed lunch and steel toe cap boots or wellies. All tools and gloves will be provided.
When can I start? Anytime you wish, just ensure you have completed a registration form and Beth Adams has contacted you.
Do I need to attend every session? No, we let you choose how often you come along, although it is beneficial for The Trust if you let us know when you can't attend.
Do you provide transport to the location? Unfortunately we don't have the resources to pick up volunteers, you will need your own transport to get you to and from the site.
Why do I need to complete an emergency contact form? This is used only in the case of an emergency whilst you are out on site in order to contact a next of kin.
Will I receive training? You will receive training in order to carry out the role, sometimes there may be ad hoc in-house training, for example species identification.
How will I know where to meet? Indoor volunteering will usually be based at the same place each time, usually Robinswood Hill. If you are a nature reserve volunteer, the reserve manager will inform you of this in plenty of time.
Do I need any experience? No, but if you have a skill that you think could help, please let us know.
Are there weekend opportunities? Very few, most of the volunteering opportunities are during the week, there are some ecological surveys that take place on the weekend .
I don't consider myself very fit, can I still come along? Certainly, for nature reserve volunteering you will need a basic level of fitness, but certainly don't need to be super fit.
I don't know much about wildlife, can I still volunteer for you? Of course, we can teach you about wildlife as we go along.
Will I be working as part of a team? Yes, even with administration, you will be working alongside the staff team.