Wildlife Travel

Profits from Wildlife Travel are donated to The Wildlife Trusts all over the UK.

For every member of Gloucestershire Widlife Trust who travel with Wildlife Travel we recieve a donation of £35 per person (for previous customers) and £70 per person (for new customers). In 2014 this resulted in over £500 in donations from our local members. Thank you for your support.

Every holiday is designed to support nature conservation at the destination.

Wildlife Travel

Whether it's the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, the rich birdlife of the Romanian Danube Delta, the beautiful wild flowers of the Mediterranean or the natural history of Britain's coasts......

Wildlife Travel believe that there is much more to a wildlife holiday than the list of species and a full itinerary. Supporting conservation and showing travellers the whole world of wildlife, during an easy but comprehensive natural history holiday are guiding principles when planning their trips. Providing opportunities and time to learn about local cultures and enjoy beautiful scenery are also key ingredients, as well as being flexible enough to adapt to travellers' particular interests.

Download the 2015 Wildlife Travel brochure below

Visit their website for more information and to book your place www.wildlife-travel.co.uk