Wildlife And Land Management Advice


Do you have a village green or other piece of land which you would like to look after for the benefit of wildlife and the local parish?

We can offer an initial site visit to give you ideas and information as well as help with involving the community in various ways suited to your parish.

We can also provide ideas for Parish Plans and Village Design Statements.


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Contact us to see if we can help in your parish.

Or call: 01452 383333

Browse the factsheets below to find out what you can do to help wildlife and the environment.


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1. How to Encourage Birds Factsheet298.69 KB
2. How To Encourage Amphibians And Reptiles Factsheet1.18 MB
3. Hedgerows Factsheet748.57 KB
4. Orchards Factsheet705.25 KB
5. Ponds Factsheet599.73 KB
6. Meadows Factsheet1.43 MB
7. Woodlands Factsheet716.74 KB
8. Roadside Verges Factsheet118.54 KB
9. Churchyards & Cemeteries Factsheet268.84 KB