Team skydiving for wildlife!

Thursday 25th June 2015

Getting wild in June? Well, we've got some mad people who are willing to get a peregrines eye view, and attempt to fly (well, skydive!) from 10,000 feet to raise money for Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust! Their 'wild' challenge will be the perfect way to see just what their money raises from a unique perspective and will help us protect Gloucestershire's wildlife and wild places - just £395 left to reach their target of £1200!

Intrepid adventurers (but strict ground dwellers!) Vicky Skuse, Zsuzsanna Bird and Klara Gazso are taking the plunge and jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet!

Wildlife lovers, they thought it would be great to get a peregrines eye view and experience life amoung the birds (well, for the few seconds they'll be falling, fast, towards the ground!).

Their aim is to raise £1200 towards the protection of Gloucestershire's wildlife and wild places. They are only £395 away from their goal - so any donations that you would like to make to show your support of these crazy individuals are very welcome.

"As we get at the very end of the month we are more and more excited – and rather nervous – to get on an airplane and jump out from 10,000 feet on 4th July, on Independence Day. Well, we certainly won’t depend on anything or anyone else, just our tandem mate!" Says Zsuzsanna Bird.

we are all scared of height and none of us have done this before

"You might think it is all great fun, but we are all scared of height and none of us have done this before. So please support our extraordinary action to raise £1200 altogether. We all feel passionate that the money we raise will be used for habitat creation and management, badger vaccination and the community work which focus' on connecting the next generation with wildlife!"

All preparation is done for doing a final Wild Act: to conquer the air in the name of wildlife - they now just have to go through with it!!!

To sponsor our human peregrines or find out more about them and their challenges, please visit their fundrasing pages here:

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