Thursday 10th December 2015

Local charity, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust is proud to be launching its new Skills for Life Project in partnership with the School of Foundation Studies at Gloucestershire College, who provide a preparing for independence programme for students who have a range of learning difficulties.

During the sessions, students spend some time outside on a nature reserve working with a member of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust team learning practical habitat management skills. These include using handsaws to manage woodlands or loppers to remove scrub.

“The students learn valuable new skills such as working as a team, taking responsibility, following instructions, health and safety and using tools,” says Nicola Simpson, Gloucester Community Wildlife Officer at Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.
“Not only will they leave with a sense of pride and job satisfaction but gain valuable new skills that they can take forward into their future lives.”

Funding for the Skills for Life Project has been received from the Barnwood Trust and the Baily Thomas Charitable Fund to provide staff, tools and specialist equipment for the 80 students that will take part in this unique project over the next 18 months.

“As well as accessing a wide, varied and stimulating programme within Gloucestershire College to enable students to build the skills to prepare for living independently, students need to access a range of activities in the community not just to raise awareness of their local community, but to be part of it,” says Jan Robbins, Work Placement and Volunteering Coordinator at Gloucestershire College in support of the project.

At the end of the project the students will have an opportunity to become regular volunteers at GWT to continue their learning and for their future career development.