Friday 12th February 2016

(c) Emma Bradshaw

With spring approaching there will soon be a beautiful golden carpet of native daffodils,

The golden flower of the delicate wild daffodil was once a common sight in much of Gloucestershire and surrounding counties, but is now under threat from fragmentation, neglect of habitats and critically, hybridisation with larger cultivated species of daffodil more readily available in garden centres which have been planted in the countryside.

“This is one of nature’s most beautiful and understated spectacles” said Dr. Colin Studholme, Director Conservation at Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

“The ‘golden triangle,’ named after its fields and verges of native wild daffodils draws hundreds of visitors every year from all over the country, as Gloucestershire has a strong but isolated population.”

The Trust’s Gwen & Vera’s Fields, Betty Daw’s Wood and Ketford Banks nature reserves, near Newent, are carpeted in yellow from mid-late March each year as the wild daffodil flowers.
This year to celebrate the annual bloom the Oxenhall daffodil weekend is combining with the nearby Village of Kempley, expanding the festival across two villages! There will be plenty of activities to get involved with at both sites, including walks through the golden triangles. Oxenhall Daffodil Weekend, will be running three walks over the weekend of up to 2 miles on the 19th & 20th March, and there will be light refreshments and lunches at Oxenhall village hall from 12 noon.

If you fancy a longer walk then you can visit Kempley Village Hall from 10am - 5pm and get involved with one of the following walks

- 10-30am Secret Valley walk (4 miles)
- 11-00am Daffodil Way (6-7 miles) – Bring Packed Lunch
- 2-00pm Local History Walk (2 miles)

Refreshments and lunches will also be served at Kempley village hall until 4:30pm.