How your donation will help

Please help us to raise £20,600 to help make next year a better one for Gloucestershire's barn owls

Please give as much as you can afford; whatever you can spare could help the barn owls of Gloucestershire

  • £20 could pay for specialist equipment for trained barn owl monitors
  • £35 could help pay for training sessions, so we can monitor the success of the nest box project, or go towards a web cam in a nest box. 
  • £50 could pay for the construction of one barn owl box - we are aiming to build and locate 60 boxes. 
  • £100 could help pay for a visit on site with a landowner to advise on land management for barn owls. 
  • £400 could help pay for a vital course in training people how to identify breeding success, bird ringing and monitoring - all essential in helping barn owls to recover. 

Please help Gloucestershire's barn owls by making a donation today

If we are fortunate enough to exceed this target any additional donations will be invested in our work across Gloucestershire, so you can be sure 100% is spent on vital conservation work in Gloucestershire.