You can protect the local, hidden gems that are clinging on

To protect our county's rarest flowers we urgently need to start vital work.

Greater butterfly orchid (c) Mike Taylor

By carrying out tasks like coppicing and scrub clearance, we can support a huge diversity of wildlife.

For instance, at our Snows Farm nature reserve near Stroud, we are carefully managing four different types of grassland and have recorded over 300 species. These include the nationally scarce wildflowers fingered sedge and stinking hellebore. The reserve is also home to the dingy skipper and small heath butterflies, rare insects such as the dung beetle and leaf beetle, as well as glow worms, adders, slow worms, common lizards and grass snakes.


Only through careful management can we make sure our rare wildflowers and wildlife have the chance to survive.

Please make your donation today to help save some of our most precious species.