Wildlife Friendly Food Project

Day's Cottage orchardDay's Cottage orchard

Food producers play a significant role in protecting our wildlife. Our new Wildlife Friendly Food Project is a way for us to celebrate local producers who are doing their bit.

The year-long project will showcase 12 food and drink producers that are making strides to minimise their impact on the environment. We'll focus on producers that work to create habitats that wildlife needs to thrive, demonstrating that producing food can work in harmony with nature.

We want to reconnect people with good practice in food production and actively promote positive change towards a future where wildlife-friendly food is the favoured option for the majority.

To show our commitment to wildlife-friendly food producers, we'll be featuring these 12 local products at our cafe at Crickley Hill. Many will also be available at our smaller cafe kiosk at Robinswood Hill Country Park. We'll also have offers on each of these products over the course of the year.

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Our Wildlife Friendly Food Producers