Wildlife Explorer/ Naturalist's Badge

These badges are aimed specifically at Brownies and Scouts. Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust can provide activities which will help your group achieve these badges.


Wildlife Explorer Badge

Wildlife Explorer Badges are for Brownies. The idea of the badge is for Brownies to learn more about nature and wildlife. The badge often includes games to identify common types of butterfly, birds and wild mammals.

Part of the Wildlife Explorer Badge is to make a feeding station for a certain species, a hedgehog for example.

One of the badge's options is to visit a nature reserve  or a country park and do a bark rubbing exercise to identify tree species. Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust are ideal for this activity with our HQ at Robinswood Hill Country Park, as well as owning nature reserves across the county.


Naturalist Activity Badge

To gain the Naturalist Activity Badge Scouts should follow this list of activities which includes picking a location and investigating the wildlife and plants found there, and also discussing how human management or activities can affect wildlife.

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust can help Scouts fulfill these activities in a fun way and with our knowledge of wildlife and nature we can teach them a lot.




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Contact us to see what activities are available in your area and how we can help you achieve any of the activities in the badges.

We do respond to all enquries, but due to the number we receive responses may take up two working weeks. We appreciate your patience.