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Edgehills Bog

The reserve is a relic of, the once widespread habitat, wet heath. Edgehills Bog is home to a wealth of heathland plants. Mosses and rushes dominate the boggy areas, whilst heathers, bilberry and marsh violets can be found on drier areas providing a home to a wealth of heathland and woodland birds and dragonflies and damselflies.

A relic of wet heath, at Edgehills Bog nature reserve purple moor-grass, sphagnum moss and rushes dominate the boggy areas, along with common cotton-grass, marsh violet and carnation sedge. The drier parts contain heather, bilberry, heath milkwort and lousewort. Heathland and woodland birds, and dragonflies and damselflies are frequently on the wing, sharing the land with free-roaming sheep who gently conservation graze the site.

Species and habitats

Heathland, Wetland
Heather, Large red damselfly, Emperor dragonfly

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Half a mile north of Cinderford.
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Nov - Mar
Jun - Sep
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0.66 hectares

Walking information
The reserve is remote and difficult to find, there being no direct tracks or rides. From the car park walk away from the road along the path of the power lines
Drive up the FC road to the car park.
Dogs must be on lead
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Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust
Tel: 01452 383333