The wildlife on your doorstep is under threat. Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust's nature reserves are more important than ever for safeguarding the future of our best-loved species across the county.

Nature reserves provide a diverse range of habitats, requiring a team of dedicated people to work hard all year round ensuring our reserves are in the best possible condition for wildlife to continue to thrive. We can get this work done - but only with your help.

The Gloucestershire Nature Reserves Fund will help us to increase our investment in our nature reserves and enable us to carry out vital management and day-to-day maintenance and to take swift action in the face of environmental pressures, which can have a devastating impact on our most defenceless wildlife.

It costs £2,065 every day to manage our nature reserves

Our nature reserves apear to be wild, undisturbed havens, but agreat deal of hard work, time and investment goes into keeping them that way. The on-going cyclical nature of felling and hay cutting programmes, vital to produce the diversity of habitats for rare species such as lesser spotted woodpecker and curlew, is mirrored across our reserves throughout the county. 


Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust's nature reserves provide essential areas of secure habitat where species under threat not only survive, but thrive. They also act as stepping stones within the wider landscape to ensure Gloucestershire's wildlife has a fighting chance to recover and spread. 

The seasonality of our nature reserves requires dedicated work year-round to ensure habitat is kept in optimum condition for wildlife. Our winter work will affect how wildlife breed and feed the following year. But this dedication does come at a price. Our nature reserves need ongoing investment to provide long-lasting homes for wildlife.