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Location: Countywide

Opportunity type:

Available: Any day

Frequency: Weekly

Duration: From 14/02/2016 to 09/04/2016

Save toads and frogs on our roads this spring!

Every spring thousands of amorous Gloucestershire toads are killed by traffic as they cross roads and lanes on their way to breed in ponds and lakes. Last year over 100 volunteers patrolled known crossings around the county and saved a record 5,000 toads from a grisly flat death. There are however, always more crossings desperately needing patrols and more patrollers needed on our current crossings.

Could you be a volunteer toad patroller for the Gloucestershire Toads on Roads network (GlosToR), spending a few evenings when conditions are right to rescue toads and frogs in your local area?

We need people who are able to spare a few hours a night between February – April to patrol a known toad crossing near you. The work would involve heading out onto the highway, carefully walking pavements and verges along the roads where toads are known to cross. The toads are collected in buckets before being released safely on the other side of the road, and their numbers recorded. If you are interested in helping to save toads in your area or want to let us know about a road casualty.



Contact details:

Please email the friendly volunteer admin team on glos.toads@gmail.com