Ecological Consultancy

Wild Service is our ecological consultancy branch. The consultancy is conservation led and has developed a range of services to meet the needs of the building and wildlife conservation sectors.


Our work is carried out to a high professional standard in accordance with the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management's (IEEM) code of practice.

The consultancy is also guided by the ecological ethos of The Trust. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective service.


Why choose Wild Service?

  1. We are part of the leading conservation charity working for wildlife and biodiversity in Gloucestershire.
  2. We work closely with stakeholders such as the local biological records centre and local authorities.
  3. We are a respected source of expertise on local wildlife, environmental issues and ecology advice.


Our services

  1. Ecological Survey and Assessment - Phase 1 habitat surveys, extended phase 1 surveys identifying potential protected species habitat, hedgerow surveys and tree surveys for bats.
  2. Protected Species Surveys - (such as bats, badgers, dormice and great crested newts) and reports to support planning applications or to fulfill planning conditions.
  3. European Protected Species License Applications (Natural England Development License)
  4. Biodiversity Audits
  5. Specialist surveys of flora and fauna groups.








Contact us

Please contact Jeremy Doe for more information:

Tel: 01452 389965