The Gloucestershire Centre for Environmental Records (GCER) is the county’s Local Record Centre and holds a vast amount of data about the county’s wildlife.

GCER has over 1,000,000 species records in it's database

GCER has over 1,000,000 species records in its database, many of these are supplied by the county recorders from the Gloucestershire Naturalists’ Society – amateur naturalists who are experts in their field.

The data is used for a range of purposes. It helps conservation organisations to identify priorities for action and it is also used by planners to help ensure that wildlife is not harmed by development.

The data collected by GCER is also used by consultants working for developers who need to take wildlife into account from the outset.

Students, community groups and members of the public can also make use of the GCER data.

GCER now has ambitious plans to update the data with major new surveys and to provide a range of new services using cutting edge computer technology. A new interactive website is also being planned that will be accessible to the public.